How to Do My Short Hair Like a Supermodel

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Doing your short hair like a supermodel doesn't require the millions of dollars that you might think it does. Find out how to do your short hair like a supermodel with help from an internationally-renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

We're back, and I'm Allen Edwards from Allen Edwards Hair in Woodland Hills and So, who wants to look like a supermodel? I know, she does, I know, I do, if I could look like a guy supermodel, but of course, I can't. So, what makes a supermodel's short haircut? The extremes, super short on the sides, short in the back, longer on top, really long in the front where the hair could maybe even come back and look like a fohawk. But you see the supermodels walking on that ramp. Their could be flat, it could be high, it could be big, but it's extreme. The word extreme and interesting is very important, just like how I cut the sides on her hair, it's extreme. Really long in front, short on the sides. We're going to cut a little more off, of this side. The great thing about supermodel's short hair, is the way you style it. Styling supermodel's hair is the most important, using your fingers, using brushes and using products. The Texture String is the product that I told you before, that's the product that's a fiber concept product. And that'll give me the opportunity to making her hair almost any type of shape and form I really like. Don't be afraid, like going out on a Saturday night, to get that supermodel look and have some fun with your hair and change it. Don't wear the same thing all the time, even though it's a great haircut, change it into something different. Make it stand up, make it flat, finger wave it, all kinds of things you could do, fohawk it. So, we start blowing it dry, getting the short hair first. Now, when I go to the other side of the head, I stay with my fingers and I blow the hair in the opposite direction. By blowing it in the opposite direction, what this does is, it dries the underneath hair. So, when I come back to where I wanted, the hair is already dry. So, think about that at home, you're blowing this way, you're blowing that way, you finish this way. And this is our finished short supermodel hair. I'm Allen Edwards, Allen Edwards Hair, see you next time.


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