How Do I Style Hair on an Older Woman?

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You can style hair on an older woman in a number of different ways depending on your preferences. Find out how to style hair on an older woman with help from an internationally-renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Allen Edwards and we're at the Allen Edwards Hair in Woodland Hills, and also I'm at Today's subject is getting a little older and how to deal with your hair. A big with sometimes with getting older is your hair starts thinning out. And everybody wants to have fuller thicker hair even as they loose some of the hair. So that's something that we have to deal with. And it's important as your hair gets thinner, we have to do the right haircut where the crowns are shorter and starts covering some of the areas that seem to get thinned out. And a big mistake that I see when hairdressers do older women, that they have a tendency of putting older styles on older women or old fashioned styles on older women. They don't see them wearing new haircuts and more contemporary looks. Where when we teach at the Allen Edward Salon, no matter what age you are you're a woman of this time period. It's not when you go buy clothes you walk into a store and ask for something from 1975, right. You get clothes of today, year 2012 or 2013 which we're going into. So when we cut hair and somebody gets older it's important, is to really look at the hair and see what's going to make them feel younger about themselves and feel good. And that's important, as women and men both get older they want to look young, they want to feel younger and without being silly and without doing things or wearing clothes or hair that's not right for them. Another thing we also do as people get older is they get grayer as myself. What you can do to change the color instead dying your hair completely, you could add darker highlights to your hair as we have done with Maryanne here. We've added darker highlights inside her hair to take away some of the gray, and it sort of dilutes that. So remember we're dealing with thinner hair, wearing a great style as you get older and sort of getting rid of some of that gray. As you could see great that looks and how full her hair is. And in her thinning areas in the crown, you can see by blowing it dry, by using the round brush, lifting that hair up, putting the blower on the base of the hair, fills up the area and gives her that lift that she needs. And the frizz eliminating cream has taken away all that frizziness that you saw before when she first sat down. So it's very important for you, when you blow dry your hair, and when you style it, you use the right hair products, you use the right brushes and then you'll get the results that the hairstylists give you when you're in a salon. The worst thing that happens is when you go in, it looks good when I leave, but I can't do it myself. That's because you're not using the right products and don't be afraid to buy the things that you need to make yourself look good. Here's a really interesting product for you. It's called Texture String. This is a fantastic product. We sell thousands of these at And what it does is it's a fiber technology and you put the fiber in your hand, as you see it's gooey. You rub your hands together, break it up and create this fiber. This fiber goes into hair and gives your hair tons of body and lifts that hair up and makes your hair thicker. Everybody wants thicker hair. And Texture String is the product that creates thicker, fuller hair for every age and every type of style. And you can see what it did. It just lifted the crown. I put it in my hands, it pops right up and it goes into the hair, into the shaft of the hair, fills it up and makes it fuller and actually adds and gives you more hair. Well, I'm Allen Edwards and this is the hairstyle for mature women, women over 40. Thanks.


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