What Are the Most Effective Exercises to Define Shoulders?

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If you want to define your shoulders, there are a few important exercises that you're going to need to start doing. Find out about the most effective exercises to define the shoulders with help from a fitness professional in this free video clip.

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How are you doing, folks? Ronald Kenyatta here with totalhumanelevation.com, and today I'm going to answer the question what are the most effective exercise for, what are the most effective exercises for defining the shoulder. Now just to give you a little information about myself. I am a strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball. This is going to be my 12th year doing that. I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength Conditioning Association. And I'm a performance enhancement specialist through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. Now shoulders is something that's dear to me cause working in baseball you know you are dealing with pitchers all the time. And if a shoulder, you got to protect the shoulder. If the shoulder goes down then they go down. And then no telling how that can affect a team down the road. So shoulders is something I deal with on a regular basis. So now to answer the question for me, I like well let me start all over. The shoulder has three different muscles, three different deltoid heads. You have the anterior shoulder which is right here which you use for this movement right here. And then you have lateral delt, lateral delt for right here for this movement. And a posterior delt back here, bend over like that. Alright. So for me I prefer isolating those three heads with these dumbbells right here. Start off with the front raise right here like so. Alright. Do a couple more.And now we'll go to the lateral right here. Working that lateral head of the delt. Alright and finally your rear delt. I'll turn sideways so you can check this one out. Bend over like so. Alright. Now we're dealing with small muscles, so dealing with small muscles you are going to do more reps to really get the blood into those shoulders, those three different heads of the shoulder. And I like to finish, you can start off with the shoulder press but when you do that shoulder just shoulder press you are hitting all three heads at one time. So maybe you want to go ahead and start off with the shoulder press cause you are less fatigued. Maybe I did that backwards but you can do whatever you want. But maybe you want to go ahead and start off with the shoulder press exercise first. And then finish off with the defining exercises which the isolation exercises which I demonstrated before so. Lets go ahead and show you your traditional shoulder press. Stand here, I'm going to let you see this from the side as well. A major coaching cue for this is good posture. When people start to fatigue in the shoulder they'll do a little arching of the back just to get that weight up there. So throwing it up there like that. So we want to avoid that. We want to maintain good posture looking straight ahead. And just use your delt through the full range of motion. Down, extend all the way up. Alright. There you have it. And there you have it folks. Now just to summarize everything there for you. A good way to go over the shoulders is think about movement. Now to isolate that interior delt you are going to do a front raise. Alright. To isolate the lateral delt do a lateral raise. To isolate that posterior, posterior delt, do a posterior raise. Alright. And when you want to really hit those shoulders grab those bigger weights. Stand with good posture, shoulder press. Alright. So there you have it folks. Front raises, lateral raises, posterior, and then you have your shoulder press. The most effective exercises for the shoulder. I hope you enjoyed that segment folks. You guys have a great day and I will talk to you soon. Bye bye.


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