Exercise Tools for the Pecs

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Certain exercise tools are great for working out the area of your body known as your pectorals. Use exercise tools for the pectorals with help from a fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

How are you doing, eHow? This is Ronald Kenyatta here with totalhumanelevation.com and today, I'm going to go over exercise tools for the pecs. Just to give you a little information about myself, I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I am a Performance Enhancement Specialist and I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach within Professional Baseball, I've been doing that for, this is going to be my 12th year. So, like I said, I want to go over exercise tools for the pecs and right here are all the tools we're going to use. We're going to use a medicine ball, we're going to use some dumbbells, we're going to use tubing and all these tools right here will effectively strengthen the pecs. As I stated earlier folks, we have our tools right here, we have our medicine ball, our dumbbells and our tubing. So, we're going to start off with the medicine ball. Now, this is going to be a upper body plyometric movement. It might be a little different, it might be a little new, but still gets the job done. So, let's start off with our medicine ball. Start off from the chest, like so and all you're going to do is throw the ball up and catch it, like so. This is more like a upper body plyometric exercise, but it's focusing on the chest. So, up. Alright. So, medicine ball is tool number one. Tool number two, dumbbells, you can't go wrong with use, by using, with using dumbbells. So, what we're going to do here, you power lifters might be familiar with this. You want to go with a, a dumbbell press from the floor. A lot of power lifters use this because, a sticking point is this 90-degree angle right here. So, the theory is you want to strengthen that, that none of this, your weak point right here, your sticking point, you want to strengthen it by doing this exercise. But, all it is is a dumbbell press as you can see, coming down right at 90-degrees, driving up. Alright. Dumbbell press on the floor. Dumbbells two, number two. Finally, this is our tubing. Working in Professional Baseball, we work with a lot of pitchers, they really can't get too bulky in the chest. So, tube, this is a, a very popular tool within my, my business, my line of work. So, I'm going to show you how we use tubing to work the chest. So, now, there's really one major, two major quote endpoints; I like to use, start off in a staggered position and I always like to keep the weight underneath my arm as oppose to this. This is because, you can get caught in the bad situation, something like this; so then, that put more stress on your shoulder. This is a lot safer. So, and all you're going to do is extend out, press out just like that. You can cross it up at the end, alternate. You can even go one arm at a time. But, the bottom line is you're working that chest with your third tool which is your tubing. Alright. So, there it is folks, we, there you have it folks, we have our, once again, you have your three tools. You have your medicine ball, you have your dumbbells and your tubing. Three tools that will help you work that chest and give you those pecs that you're looking for. There you have it folks, hope you enjoyed the demonstration there and I look forward to talking with you again, soon. Thank you. Bu-bye!


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