How to Make Lilies for a Decoration on a Cake

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Making lilies for decorating a cake requires fondant, gum paste and a few other key items. Make lilies for decoration on a cake with help from the cake diva in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Porsha Kimble, The Cake Diva, and today I'm here to show you how to create lilies for your cake. We have a few stages that we have to go through in order to create this flower. You will need fondant and gum paste mix or you can simply use fondant with a little tylose powder. What we have today is a heart shaped cookie cutter and this is what we're going to use to create the flower. I've actually pre-cut some already and I've placed them in a freezer bag. Fondant and gum paste and also the mix of tylose can easily dry out your flower, so keeping them in a Ziploc Bag will keep them covered and fresh to use. Now I just rolled out a fresh amount of fondant, I'm going to use my heart shaped cookie cutter and I'm going to gently press down, I'm going to pull the fondant away. There are some ridges around our heart shape so we definitely want to smooth those out and in order to not loose shape we're going to use our spatula to pick it up. Now I'm going to just gently use my fingers and press any excess fondant that is around our heart. So we have our heart shape cut out and ready to go. Now what I'm going to do is apply it to some thin foam, I'm going to use a ball and veining tool, which you can get at any cake supply or craft food store and what I'm going to do is gently rub the edges. We want our lily to look as botanical as possible. Once we smooth our edges, we're going to take our heart and we're going to apply it to this plastic cone, which is actually going to hold the shape. Please know you do need to keep this on the cone for a couple of days, if you are using tylose, you only need it on for just a few hours. So I'm going to take my heart I'm going to place the top of the heart on the top of the cone and I'm just going to shape it so I get a cone shape, for it to stick I'm going to put a little dab of water here and simply fold it over then just press it down gently with your hand. You can create this cone center by just using you hands. Now what I'm going to do is take the edges of what we've made and simply fold them back, this is exactly why we just moved the edges so they're flexible to use and we get that open lily look that we're going for. So there we have it, you're going to let this dry, like I said, for a few hours or even for a couple of days. It's good to have several cones as possible, this way you can make several at one time. Now that we've created the base for the lily, I want to make the center, I have a little bit of yellow fondant here in my hand and I'm simply just going to go back and fourth in a snake motion and this is going to be the center of our flower. Now you can easily just place this inside of the base by using water, I'm going to take this off gently, you can add a little water here and you can simply just insert this inside. If you want to get a little fancy you can add a little water to this and then dip it in yellow sugar. Again, my name is Porsha Kimble, The Cake Diva, and today, I showed you how to create lilies for your cake.


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