How to Decorate a Small, Heart-Shaped Cake

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Decorating a small, heart-shaped cake is a really great opportunity to get creative. Decorate a small, heart-shaped cake with help from the cake diva in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Porsha Kimble, The Cake Diva, and today I'm going to show you how to decorate a small heart shape cake. Of course when you think of heart, your first thought is, Valentine's Day or love. So what we're going to use today is some red fondant, I'm actually going to roll this out and do to love and the heart, we're going to use a heart shaped cookie cutter. I'm going to roll this out, there's a few things about fondant that people are afraid of, they're afraid to roll it too thin or too thick, but because this is personalized heart shape cake, it's a personal preference on how thick or thin you actually want your fondant to be. I'm going to use my heart shaped cookie cutter and place it on top of the rolled fondant, if you have your cookie cutter sticking and pulling up the image as you're cutting all you have to do is just rub it on the surface with, that has a little Crisco on it and it'll pull right up. We have our two heart shapes here, I'm going to pull this fondant back, we're going to use a spatula so our hearts do not loose shape, if we pick them up with our hands we'll end up with a completely different shape. As you can see we have some little frillies here on our heart, we just want to press these in with our finger, so we get a clean cut out, there clean. Now what we're going to do is use these heart shapes and make a pattern on top of our heart shaped cake. If you're at home and you can't get everything too smooth, that's okay, we've got some textured butter cream and it actually gives the cake a little caricature to it. What we're going to do now is place these hearts on top of our cake, we're going to create a pattern of course you can put these hearts anyway you please. We've placed our last heart for our heart pattern. Next what we're going to do is take a little bit of our red fondant, I'm going to use one of my wilting cake decorating tools to just give it some texture and pattern, we're going to place this in the center, now we're going to add just a few simple details to the hearts. I'm going to take just a pinch of red fondant and roll it around in the palm of my hands, with my middle or index finger and now we're just going to place all of our little red dots in between our hearts and of course one right smack in the middle. Today we taught you how to decorate a small heart shape cake. My name is Porsha Kimble, The Cake Diva.


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