How to Frost the Middle of a Cake & Make It Sturdy

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The middle of a cake can be frosted in a very particular way to both make it look great and make it sturdier than ever before. Frost the middle of a cake and make it sturdy with help from the cake diva in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Porsha Kimble, The Cake Diva, and today I'm here to show you how to frost the middle of your cake and make it sturdy. We got a few different options to go with so you get the look and the sturdiness that you need. We have a cake here and then we also have a cake that's been wrapped up and then that was placed in the freezer, this will definitely help the stability, if you want play around and manipulate the cake a little bit more. Right now I'm applying the frosting to the middle layer of our cake. Please know that when you want your cake to be sturdy that you'll want to use a medium to stiff consistency, in order for your cake to be more stable, that is one of the key elements here to make your cake sturdy. Please know that if you're using a canned frosting from the store it will not give you the stability that you're looking for. So now I'm going to unwrap my cake that we've had in the freezer. When the cake is cold and not as moist you can move it around and manipulate it more and you don't have any breakage. So now I'm going to take my cake, I'm going to gently place it on top and then press it down to secure. We don't want to just flop it on top and then just stick it in the refrigerator. So now we have our cake, it's pressed firmly down and it won't be moving any time soon. There is a trick that may help you make sure that your cake is study and that it won't move around, you might be shocked, but it's bubble tea straws. This is also good to help keep your cake structure during delivery, I'm simply going to place one down the center, I'm going to pull this up and take the axes straw off and push it down inside. My name is Porsha Kimble, The Cake Diva, and today I showed you how to frost your cake in the middle to make it sturdy.


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