What Exercises Are High-Impact on the Knees?

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High-impact exercises for your knees always share a few key qualities. Find out about exercises that are high-impact on the knees with help from a celebrity personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Robert Brace, Celebrity Trainer and Creator of The 28-Day Challenge Fitness DVD System, which you can get at the28daychallenge.com. I'm here for eHow to show you some exercises that are high impact on your knees. Now, the knee is an extremely important joint, it helps in locomotion, it helps you walk, shift your weight from side to side. It's always important to have great knees. Here are some of the exercises that are high impact to your knees and you want to know these because they could cause injury and also they could slow down or impair your performance. Any exercise where you're running on the spot or running, moving forward is a high impact exercise on the knees. Any exercise where you're jumping and you got to slow your body weight down, that's another high impact exercise on your knees or where you're shifting your weight from side to side. You got to shift directions, again, high impact on the knees. And finally which is kind of the overall principle, any exercise where you have to slow down your body weight; in other words, you're playing tennis, you got to stop to hit that ball and slow down your momentum. That pressure goes straight down into your knees. One thing to think about is that whenever you're moving like this, you are placing five times your body weight of pressure through your joints. So, in other words, if you're a 200-pound male and you're jumping or slowing down, you're placing a 1000 pound of pressure through that knee. And so it's always wise to know correct body form and which exercise to avoid to protect your knees. So, if you've got bad knees, weak knees or you're just concern about the performance of your knees, these exercises are exercises to avoid. Let's recap; where you're running, where you're jumping, you're shifting weight from side to side or any motion where you got to slow down your body weight whether it's forward, whether it's sideways. These are all exercises that are high impact on your knees. I'm Robert Brace here for eHow, Creator of The 28-Day Challenge DVD System. You can check me out at the28daychallenge.com.


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