How to Experiment With Eyebrow Shapes for a New Look

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Experimenting with various eyebrow shapes can be a great way to arrive at an unexpected new look. Find out how to properly experiment with eyebrow shapes for a new look with help from the definitive brow and eye expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Anastasia Soare, the creator of Anastasia Beverly Hills. And today, I'm going to show you how to experiment with different eyebrow colors and different eyebrow shades. So, we have this beautiful model here. Normally, her color, or her eyebrow color, would be a Strawburn color, this is what I will use normally here. And her shape could be slim, high arched to probably, I would love, full or high eyebrow arch. I'm going to use, let's see if I could use a full arch, yes, let's try. Because the space on her upper lid is high, I could use her, full arch. So, first I use the brow fix, because I will have the powder adhere way easier, whatever powder I will use. Then, I'm going to place the stencil above, the middle of inside of the nostril, will be the beginning. And the end, I keep with the burgundy line parallel to the ground. I hold the stencil and I start with the end of the eyebrow. And I'm using the brunette powder, I want a dramatic look for the evening.I use first, the lighter part of my brunette and then, at the end, I could touch up with the darker color. So, this is a brunette on somebody that is red haired and she could use a Strawburn color. So, look how pretty this is. I'm going to use the darker color just to make some strokes of hair, can I see you here, yes. And the key again, is to brush, the brush, brushing is going to give you a more natural look. Not only that, but because you put the brow fix there, that adheres the brow powder, then you brush the spoolie. It's going to create almost an idea of strokes of hair. This is what will do, the spoolie brush on you. Look how pretty this and I think, it's dramatic and it's something that you could experiment and it's only good as long as you have it. And then, once you wash your face, everything is back. I love it, I think, it's so pretty and you could create this dramatic look without looking fake, and I like it, I think, it's great. So, you could do that. Or, let's say, I want to experiment even more, I'm taking this off. I need you this way, o.k., so, I removed the color that she had. I'm going to use again, the brow fix, not too many times, because it's going to cake the powder. I brush just to create, to blend the wax in between the eyebrow here. And I'm going to use this hyper color, this blue teal color that. Are you ready for this? Yeah, I'm ready. O.k., so, again, I'm going to apply the stencil and I'm going to start the end of the eyebrow. Again, because I used the brow fix, this will adhere way easier. So much fun, I think, everybody should experiment. And you could use this product, the hyper color in your hair and on your eyebrows. You remove this, you fill this in, exactly where the bridge is. And again, you brush to blend the color, fun. If you use the brow fix, it's going to get a little darker because the wax will create a darker probably, color, wow. Now, because I used on top of the, that teal color, it's going to turn into purple. Because you put, mixed blue with the fusion, it's going to create a purple look. Wow, it's almost like ink. So, I'm Anastasia Soare, the creator of Anastasia Beverly Hills. And today, I gave you a few tips of how to experiment with darker colors and thicker eyebrows shape.


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