How to Fill in Eyebrows That Are Sparse Without It Looking Fake

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When filling in eyebrows that are sparse, it isn't necessarily going to look fake if you do it properly. Fill in eyebrows that are sparse without it looking fake with help from the definitive brow and eye expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Anastasia Soare, the creator of Anastasia Beverly Hills. I'm going to take a few minutes and show you how quick you can fill in your eyebrows, look very natural. This is a pencil, our brunette pencil, I have a spoolie brush on the other side, because the key is to brush and fill in the eyebrows. So, you start filling the lower part of the eyebrows. You could start with small strokes, or you could go all the way and you start doing the upper part of the eyebrows. Look how easy it is, and using strokes of hair, will give you a very natural look. Of course, more important is to brush afterwards, because the spoolie brush is thick and not enough space in between. We definitely, when you brush, will give you an appearance of hairs. Look how easy, look how pretty this eyebrow is. In few minutes, you could keep this in your purse and your eyebrow will look all the time, perfect. Then, I will start again, the eyebrow should start always, above the middle of the inside of the nostrils. So, I will start from here, go with the lower part, fill this in, it's very simple. And I know, you are in a hurry, you have babies in the background, screaming or you have to rush, because you're late for work. This is very easy, just go inside. The pencil has enough wax that it doesn't, it's not soft and it doesn't make you look like Groucho Marx, obviously. Look how beautiful this is, and it's so easy to do. This is what I like using the pencil, our pencil, the wood pencil. So, you brush, the more your brush the eyebrow, the more natural look you'll achieve. Her eyebrow looks so pretty, she over tweezed here, but I will use few strokes of hair and I create hairs. Look at that, easy, not complicated, and it's very quick. And if I want even more definition, what I do, I use a highlighter, and that will give me a defined look. I blend, use here as well. And even if you over-tweeze, it gives you a better look, highlights the brow bone and gives you a very defined look. Then, I use the brow gel, clear brow gel sets the color and holds the hair for the rest of your day. You go home at night, and your eyebrow will still look, look great. Blend again, blend everything to create that better look, look at her, is that pretty or what? I'm Anastasia Soare and that was a tip that I hope you enjoyed and you learn it, it's easy and I'm so happy to share that with you today.


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