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If you want to get the perfect legs and bum, you're going to want to add a few key exercises into your workout regime. Learn about exercise for the perfect legs and bum with help from a health and human performance specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with DanceyPantsFitness.com here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview Texas. Let's do some exercises for the perfect legs and bum. The very first one I'm gonna show you is a lunge but we're gonna hold it, a lot of times we do lunges we go up and down and those are great but there's so much to be said for holding an exercise. So the very first thing I want you to do is get down in a good lunge and hold it. I want you to hold this, shoot for 30 seconds, it's tough but do it, shoot for 30 second, if that's too easy go for longer, if it's too hard just work your way up from there and you want to do the same amount of time on the other leg so right away we are wearing out those large muscles. The very next thing we're going to do is a plie squat with calf raises so we always want to get our calves in there, good plie squat, you're gonna be here and lift up on your toes so you're holding this squat position. If you're not feeling this anywhere in the legs go down just a little bit lower and you will start to feel it, get up high on those toes, so this is a plie squat with a calf raise. The very next one, squat hops, and we're gonna do small squats so we're gonna do small hops rather so we're gonna squat and hop. You can have your hands here, you can have your hands here, you can have them back here, you can do whatever you want but I want them just small little hops cause I want you to do several of those. Try to do 20 to 30 of those cause if you have just done those other 2 leg exercises your legs are probably gonna be shaking by now which is great. The next one is a knee and an up on toe and it looks like this. You're gonna start off on your knees, pull your knee in, pull it up to the ceiling going flex that foot then you're gonna repeat that coming up on your toe, come back down, come back up on your toe, back down and up on your toe, do ten of those on each leg. The very last one I'm gonna show is just a single leg squat. So the modification for this is to actually tap your, your toe back. So if I go down I can tap my toe back behind me, your goal should be eventually to just go down, go down a little bit lower as you get a little bit more fit and don't tap your toe down but in the meantime you can, shoot for 20 on one leg and 20 on the other leg, west, repeat this 2 more times, do that about 3 days a week and those are some great exercises for the perfect legs and bum.


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