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Every workout routine should always have at least one high-energy, aerobic workout. Find out about a high-energy, aerobic workout with help from a health and human performance specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with danceypantsfitness.com here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview, Texas. And I'm going to show you a great high energy aerobic workout. I'm going to show you some exercises that are going to get the heart pumping, we're going to wear out some muscles at the same time and you're going to get this over within about 20 minutes. Love that. So, make sure you're doing a very thorough warm up, between five to ten minutes before you start this exercise. Very first one that we're going to do are tack jumps. Tuck jumps look this; 45 seconds of tap, tuck jump seems like an eternity. So, if you get just too exhausted, go to a modified version, which is just lifting the knees and coming up. But, once you rest, get right back into it; 45 seconds. The very next one, we're going to run in place and we're going to pick up our knees nice and high running in place, okay; 45 seconds of that. The very next one, push-ups, as many push-ups as you can knock out in 45 seconds, do it. And I want you to go at a quick pace. Try not to go too slowly on those. Next one is X jumps. Kind of like a jumping jack, but we're leaving the ground, right there; okay, X jumps, as many as you can do in 45 seconds. If that just gets too difficult, go to jumping jacks during that time. Now, you get to rest for one minute. One minute of rest gets your heart rate down, gets your breathing under control and you're going to jump into your next set. We're going to start the next set with a single leg mountain climber. So, mountain climbers, when we do both legs, look like this. So, that would be modified. Single leg is a little bit tough. One leg is not going to touch the floor. So, I'm going to do two on one side , two on the other side and I repeat that for 45 seconds. Our very next one is hop squats. So, I'm going to squat and I'm going to jump high. Okay. From the side, I'm sitting back, my hips are back and I'm hopping; 45 seconds. That's really going to wear out your legs. Next one is a walking push-up; looks like this. I'm going to get in a push-up position. I'm going to move over, push-up, move over, push-up. Really engaging the core here, obviously chest and arms and you hear I'm out of breath, heart as well. The very last one is going to be a plank jack and it looks like this. I'm going to be in a plank position, my feet are going to go out and in; just a plank jack as many as I can do in 45 seconds. You're at the end of the second set, now you get to rest for one minute and you get to repeat that all over again. This should take you somewhere around 20 minutes. If you need a little bit more rest in between, that's fine. And that is your high energy aerobic workout.


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