How to Tone the Butt & Waist

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You can tone your butt and waist through the careful application of the right types of workouts. Tone your butt and waist with help from a health and human performance specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview, Texas. I'm going to show you a few things that are going to help to tone the butt and the waist. And a few of these then it's actually going to tone the butt and the waist at the same time. The very first one I'm going to show you we are just going to use a towel. Just a regular old hand towel. You are going to do a diagonal leg raise. So it's going to go more to a diagonal behind you instead of to the side or straight behind. When you do that your towel is going to come up and you are going to twist in the opposite direction. Just a little twist there. This is going to take a lot of balance and coordination while you are lifting up. Once you get that comfortable then you can take it to both sides and down. Up, side, side, down. Up, side, side, down. Make sure that you don't have your back like this. But that you have your pelvis tucked under just a little bit. Okay. Up, side, side, and down. The very next one I'm going to show you is a lunge using the towel with a little bit of a twist. So I'm going to get down into a lunge. Take my towel go side to side. Okay. So that's the motion. So you can choose to stay down here and go side to side a few times. Or you can choose to go down and back up. Down and back up. Remember since we are focusing more on the rear when I'm doing my lunge I'm not going to do a little short stride lunge cause I'm working more quadriceps. I'm wanting to work more my butt then I'm going to go a little bit longer. So I'll be here side to side and up. And repeat 10 of those on each leg. The very last one I'm going to show you I don't need my towel for. And it's going to be a jackknife with a leg raise. So it looks like this. I'm going to be on my knees. My leg is going to come up, jackknife to the side. Up, jackknife to the side. So here I'm feeling it in my obliques which is where the waist is. I'm feeling it in my hip flexors and I'm feeling it in my glutes. So we have a lot of different muscle groups going on in this exercise as well. And that's a little bit about how to tone your butt and your waist.


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