Crunches With a Hip Tilt

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Certain types of crunches also require a hip tilt for the proper technique. Find out about crunches with a hip tilt with help from a health and human performance specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview, Texas. Let's talk about crunches with a hip tilt. Why do we do a hip tilt and how exactly do you do that? First I'll show you just in a standing position. When we talk about tilting the hip, it's just this right here, you don't want to over accentuate it. It's just getting the spine in a more neutral alignment. So that's a hip tilt and so when we take it to the floor to do a crunch, this is what we'll do. So right now I'm on the floor. If I have my lower back off of the floor, I don't have my pelvis tilted and I'm not isolating my abs as much as I could be but if I just take and tilt just a little bit, now I'm in a great position to go ahead and do a crunch so I can do lower body, upper body or together. So if I'm just doing a regular crunch right here, my lower back is engaged with the floor. If I do this, I'm looking at back injury and I'm also working more of my back and I'm not isolating my abs as much. I can take this away from a crunch and just do a straight leg raise, hands under my hips, straight leg raise. Right now I'm arched. I don't have my lower back engaged with the floor. If I tilt my hips just a little bit, now when I do this I'm feeling it far more in my abs, far less in my back and I'm going to prevent injury. And that's a little bit about crunches with a hip tilt.


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