How to Burn Fat Fast With Morning Cardio

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The right type of morning cardio workout is a great way to burn fat as quickly as possible. Burn fat fast with morning cardio with help from a health and human performance specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview, Texas. Let's talk about how to burn fat fast with morning cardio. One of the benefits to getting up in the morning and hitting a cardio routine is that you get it over with. Please remember to do a very thorough warmup though. When you've been stationary, you've been in bed all night things tend to draw up and be very tight. So a good 10 minute warmup is a really, really good idea before jumping into cardio. So let's go ahead and get started. The first thing is going to be mountain climbers. So you are going to perform everything I'm going to tell you for 45 seconds. So the first thing I'm going to do is mountain climbers 45 seconds. You can download an app, an interval app on a lot of smartphones. Or you can just watch a stopwatch or you clock. So here we go. Mountain climbers your knees are going to come in very high. And you are going to go at a pretty quick pace. Do that for 45 seconds. The very next one you are going to do are frogs. So you are in kind of a frog position here. Your weight is evenly distributed between your hands and your feet. And you are going to go down working the lower body and the upper body at the same time. My elbows are pointed back. Do that for 45 seconds. This is a tough one so if you have a hard time completing that 45 seconds you can just go down and hold it. I promise your heart rate is going to go up. Great exercise there. The very next one we are going to go ahead and lay on our back. It's called a supine pushup. And it's a great way when you are not using weights to work your back. So you are going to go down. Your feet are out in front of you. Legs are straight. I have the backs of my hands on the floor. And I'm going to lift up to the ceiling squeezing my shoulder blades together. What you don't want to do is a situp ok. I'm not using my abs as much here as my upper back. So come up, squeeze, and lower back down. Come up, squeeze, lower back down. Repeat that again 45 seconds. The very next one is a jack with a squat. Here, squat. Here, little squat with your feet together. See it from the side. Jack, right there. Keep your belly button pulled in tight. Complete that 45 seconds. That's your very first set. And I want you to rest for one minute. Then you are going to go into your next set. The very next one you are going to have a closed hand pushup and it looks like this. Feet are close together. Hands are close together. I'm going to go down and come back up. Down and up. If that's too tough you can do it on the knees. Down and up. And repeat that for 45 seconds. The very next one jumping jacks. Everybody knows how to do jumping jacks, 45 seconds of jumping jacks. As you get more fit try and get a few more done in those 45 seconds. Your next one is just squats. We are going to go down and up. But I want them quick. From the sides a good squat. I'm sitting back like I'm looking for a chair. And I want these quick. Okay. Your very last one is a kick to a lunge. Looks like this. I'm going to kick forward and lunge back. Forward and lunge. Your kick may be much lower then mine. And that is fine. But this is key. When you are kicking I want you to pull that leg back. Don't just let it drop. So kick, hold, right back to a lunge. So if we are doing these for 45 seconds and you have two legs to do you need to watch your clock. Do about 22 and a half seconds on one leg, 22 and a half on the other. You are done with that set. Rest one minute and repeat everything one more time. I haven't even done it full out and you can see I am out of breath. And that is a great cardio routine to do first thing in the morning.


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