How to Burn Fat on the Inner Biceps

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Burning fat on your inner biceps isn't nearly as difficult as you might be imagining. Burn fat on the inner biceps with help from a health and human performance specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview, Texas. We are going to talk about how to burn fat on your inner biceps. So let me start off by saying two things. First of all when we talk about burning fat remember sculpting on it's own is not going to burn fat. You need to get your heat rate up. Second of all when we talk about the inner bicep, when people ask me about the inner bicep they are usually referring to the tricep. They look at this muscle here. As we age that muscle if we are not toning it, if we are not utilizing it, it does start to droop and get a little saggy. So I'm going to show you a few exercises that are going to target the entire upper arm. The very first one we are going to do is a tricep dip utilizing a chair. So get a chair. Have your hands right here on the edge of the chair. Your hips are pretty close to the chair as well. And the elbows are going to be facing the back. So my elbows are not out. They are facing back. That's going to ensure that I'm isolating the triceps more. You want to go down and up. Try to do 10 to 20 of these. If you are more fit certainly go for more because you really want to wear out those muscles. For the next one I'm going to show you what I call down down, up up. So we are going to get in a plank position. Belly button is pulled in tight. Shoulders and hips are in one straight line. I'm going to go down on one elbow, down on the other elbow. Come up and come up. Make sure you are not lifting up here or sagging. But everything is in one straight line. Down, down, up, up. You are going to be working arms and core on this exercise. Great exercise for several different muscle groups. The last one I'm going to show you is a tricep push-up. I'll show you first on your knees. So make sure first of all your weight is over your hands. You are not back here. So your weight is over your hands. Again we are in a nice straight line. You are going to go down and up. Look where my elbows are. They're grazing my side. You want to make this a little tougher bring them in a little bit tighter. I can do up to a full position here. Push-up position. Come down and up. The closer I come in the harder this exercise is. But it's really going to target those triceps. And those are a few exercises to help you burn fat on the entire upper arm.


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