How to Work Out the Legs & Arms at the Same Time

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Working out your legs and arms at the same time is easy, so long as you add a few key techniques into your routine. Work out the legs and arms at the same time with help from a health and human performance specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview, Texas. I'm going to show you today three exercises that are going to allow you to work your arms and your legs at the same time. We all love working multiple muscle groups at the same time because we are just busy and there's no reason not to. So let's go ahead and get started with the first one. I just call the first one a frog and this is what it looks like. You're going to get down and evenly distribute your weight between your hands and your feet. I'm going to come down and up. Now this is not as much a pushup because I'm not putting most of my body weight in my hands, I'm distributing it between my hands and my feet. So what I'm feeling here is a lot of work in the triceps and a lot of work in my hamstrings. So that's a frog, love that exercise. You are also getting some core work there as well. For the very next one, I just call the leg out because that's what you are doing. You are going to take one leg and you're going to put it out. Notice how one hand is in front and my other hand is up in the air, then you can come back to the center and do it on the other side. So it is center, out, center out, make sure this foot is flex, belly button is pulled in tight. So I'm going to be getting arms here, core and legs again. And you can get that a little bit faster as you get a little bit more fit and get more used to the exercise. The very last one I'm going to show you is a pushup with a jackknife, it looks like this, nice strong pushup position. I'm going to go out, bring my leg in, down, other leg, down, other leg and repeat that. Again, core, arms, hip flexors, fabulous exercise. You're going to be hitting so many muscle groups at one time. Repeat each of these 10 to 20 times, two to three days a week, about three sets each time as well and those are some great exercises to work both the arms and the legs at the same time.


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