Pull-Ups vs. Lat Pull-Downs

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Pull-ups and lat pull-downs are both equally effective for accomplishing their own specific goals. Learn about pull-ups versus lat pull-downs with help from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Dreas here at Peak Performance in Phoenix, Arizona, and I'm here to talk about the differences between a lat pulldown and a pull-up. The lat pulldown is an assisted machine that uses weight to help give you some form of resistance. I'm holding a wide grip bar here as one of the most common lat pulldown pieces of equipment. When performing a lat pulldown you're gonna sit in an upright position by keeping the torso nice and tight. You're gonna grab the bar either wide grip or narrow grip and you're gonna pull towards your chest keeping everything nice and tight. The pullup is one of the most difficult body weight exercises to perform and it's gonna target your upper back. When performing a pull-up you're gonna grab onto the handle bars either wide grip or narrow grip, you're going to hold on extending your arms slowly until you drop into a position where you're in full extension. You will then pull yourself up squeezing your torso and your back pulling your chin up towards the ceiling. You will then repeat by slowly lowering yourself back to the starting point, and there you have it what the major difference is between a lat pulldown and a pull-up. Thanks for watching.


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