Exercise for Lower Middle Pectoralis Muscle

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The lower middle pectoralis muscle can be effectively engaged by making good use of a few key exercises. Learn about an exercise for the lower middle pectoralis muscl ewith help from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Dreeas and I'm here at Peak Performance in Phoenix, Arizona and I'm here to talk about a few exercises that target the lower middle pectoralis muscles. Here are three movements that you can perform to target that area, the declined chest press, the dips and the underarm cable fly. When performing a declined bench press you're going to adjust the bench to a declined position where you will perform the movement. You will take the bar out of the rack, slowly bring it to your chest and then push back up and extend bringing the bar back up the rack. When doing the dip you're going to grab the handles and you're going to get into an extended position on your arms. You're slowly going to lower your body weight, keeping the core tight to a 90 degree elbow angle. You will then push yourself back up into the position that you started. Dips can be a difficult body weight exercise to perform. So at your local gym, find a station that allows you to perform assisted dips. The last movement you're going to perform is the underarm cable fly. You're going to adjust the handles to the lowest portion of the machine, you're going to grab both handles and you're going to elevate them up towards your chin and out in front of you. You are going to contract at the outer most point when your arms are extended, squeezing the lower and middle pectoralis muscles. So there were three movements that you can perform to help target the lower middle pectoralis muscles. I'm Dave here at Peak Performance. Thanks for watching.


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