Workout Routines That Increase Your Max Bench Press

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Certain workout routines are great for helping you increase your max bench pressing abilities. Find out about workout routines that increase your max bench press with help from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Dreeas, here at Peak Performance in Phoenix. Arizona. And we're going to go over a few exercises that you can do to increase your max bench press. One of the most common movements to help increase your max bench, would be the bench press. The bench press is going to target the pecs, the shoulders and also your triceps. It's going to help develop an overall thicker chest. When performing the movement, you're going to position yourself on a flat bench beneath the bar. You're going to raise the bar out of the rack, and you're going to slowly bring it down towards your chest. You will then, push it back, up and re-rack the bar. Another movement that you can perform, is the inclined chest press. The inclined chest press is going to target the upper portion of the chest, the shoulders and also your triceps. It's also going to help develop the overall thickness of the chest. When performing this movement, you're going to have to adjust the bench incline to about 45 degrees. The same principles apply on a bench press. You'll remove the barbell from the rack, slowly come down towards the chest, press up and re-rack the weight. Another movement to help increase your max bench press, would be the decline bench press. When performing the decline bench press, you're going to lower the bench press into a decline position. And you're going to perform the movement by taking the bar off the rack, bring it slowly towards your chest and then, back up,and re-racking the weight. These three pressing movements will help target more muscle fibers to help increase your overall thickness of your chest. Allowing you to increase your max bench press. Thanks for watching.


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