How to Use an Incline Squat Rack

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An incline squat rack needs to be used in a very particular way if you're going to see any kind of positive benefit at all. Use an incline squat rack in the right way with help from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Dave Dreeas at Peak Performance in Phoenix, Arizona and I'm here to talk about the inclined squat rack. The inclined squat rack is a great piece of equipment that's going to allow you to do many different lifts. You can notice it by the different height levels that are here on the rack. You're going to see a bar that comes across that's going to allow you to do different movements such as a squat, a front squat. You can even incorporate a bench for a bench press. One of the benefits of the inclined squat rack is the safety harness that we have here. It's a metal bar that you will find at your local gym that will protect you in case you fall from squatting, front squatting or even bench pressing. What you do is you find the perforated holes in the back. You're going to insert the safety rack in one of the holes based off of your height level and lock it in place. Once the safety harnesses are in place, it allows you to perform the movements that you want to perform such as a deadlift, a squat or a front squat. In addition to the deadlift, the front squat and a squat, you can roll a bench in and perform an inclined bench press or a standard bench press. One of the key features of an inclined squat rack are the adjustable heights that you can place a barbell to perform your specific lift. It's very important that you use clamps so that the weights do not fall off during your exercise. When performing the most common movement, the back squat, you are going to step into the squat rack, you're going to place the barbell across the back shoulders. You will step out of the rack, in between the safety guards. You will perform the exercise, step back in and place it back onto the rack. That covers some of the basic uses that you can use when performing an inclined squat rack and some of the safety considerations. Thanks for watching.


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