How to Make Mac & Cheese Southern-Style With Sour Cream

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Southern-style macaroni and cheese typically uses sour cream as a primary ingredient. Make mac and cheese southern-style with sour cream with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac, and today we're making Southern-style Mac and Cheese. Let's go over our ingredients. Here, I have our butter melting, here we have some flour. I'm going to add this now, this is going to make our roux, this is the base for the sauce. This is what is going to hold it all, hold it together. Lower the heat to about medium, give that a good whisk. Oops, o.k., and that's coming together nicely. I have our hot milk, slowly incorporate the milk, it's called tempering. And since you added the milk, you want to drop the heat to about medium. You don't want to boil over, you don't want to scorch the bottom of the pan. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the bottom of the pan and make sure there's no flour or butter stuck to the bottom. Now, that's coming to together, I want to give it a quick seasonings, kosher salt, some freshly cracked black pepper. Let that come together for a bit, to cook the raw taste out of the flour. Get our egg ready, quick whisk. Using two kinds of cheddar today, we're going to use white, sharp white as well as yellow. My béchamel is right where I want it to be, consistency wise. So, I'm going to add our cooked macaroni, elbows. Keep the heat medium, medium-low, give that a quick stir. I'm going to add our cheese in stages, it's important to add the cheese in stages, not to overpower the dish or risk your sauce breaking up, not coming together as it should. At this point, we have the heat on low, there's no need to continue to cook the sauce anymore than it has to be cooked. Let's add our white. This is Southern style, so let's make it as injurious as possible, I want to add a nice dollop of sour cream, fold that in. I want to turn the heat off at this point. Let's add our egg, this is our binder, this is what makes sure everything sticks together as it's baking in the oven. Give that a quick stir, want to give it a little bit more pepper. Be careful with salt when you're making Mac and Cheese, cheddar is usually very salty. O.k., our pre-oiled pan, I'll just spoon it in, and in CapMac fashion, I'm going to finish it with some Cheez-Its. It's a fun way to add a different twist to your dish and it's always a conversation starter. So, I'm going to bake this in the oven for about 25, 35 minutes at 350, and so it's all golden and bubbly. O.k., it's been 25, 35 minutes, our Southern style Mac and Cheese should be ready, let's check on it. O.k., it's nice and bubbly around the edges, nice crust on top. I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac and this is our Southern style Mac and Cheese.


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