Spicy Baked Macaroni & Cheese

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Spicy baked macaroni and cheese is great for family members who like a little more zest in their food. Make spicy baked macaroni and cheese with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac and today, we're making spicy style Mac and Cheese Let's start with our ingredients. In my pot here, I have butter melting, getting ready to make our roux. I'll stir some onions in here, onions are a great aromatic ingredient, they add a lot of flavor as well as aromatic qualities. Give that a stir, cook the onions until they're translucent. The onions are cooking, I'm going to add our flour, and that's going to create our roux. This is going to be your thickening base for your Mac and Cheese. While that's cooking, I'm also going to add a spoonful of Dijon. Over here, I have some heated milk and here I have one habanero, a type of pepper. Habaneros are 10 to 15 times spicier than peppers you usually use, like chilies or Serranos. So, there's no need to cut this up and add it, it's a little too spicy. So, I'm going to slowly add our milk. Drop the temperature down to about medium. I'm whisking to thoroughly incorporate the roux into the milk, I don't want to have any lumps or clumps of anything. I'm also going to use a spatula to just scrape the edge of the pan, to make sure nothing is sticking. Drop the heat, always important to season in stages, I want to add some cracked black pepper, also some kosher salt, give that another whisk, o.k. Now, I'm going to add our macaroni, it's already been cooked and shelled, give that a quick stir. I'm going to add our habanero pickled habaneros, as well as fresh, adds a little depth to your dish. Make sure the heat is on low, I want to add our cheddar cheese in stages, fully incorporate everything, just half of this, break that up. At this pint, it's important to make sure your heat is low, you don't want to cook the roux or the sauce, or the cheeses anymore than it has to be cooked. Add the other half, whisk that as well. To make sure that it all sticks together, I'm going to add one egg, give that a stir, here's my spoon, add that. Start mixing your binder, you want to make sure everything stays in one piece, it's really cheesy. I have a pre-oiled pan, the cheese already melted and didn't need a lot of heat to get that way. Le'ts clean off the edges a little bit, o.k. And I'm going to finish it with a little Panko, Japanese bread crumbs. It's always important to have a texture on your baked Mac and Cheeses. I'm going to put this in the oven for 20 to 35 minutes, until it's nice and brown and bubbling on top. O.k., so, it's been about 25, 35 minutes, so our spicy Mac and Cheese should be finished. O.k., and as you can see, it's nicely browned and it's really hot, bubbling on top. My name is Victoria Harris and I'm from CapMac, and this is our spicy Mac and Cheese.


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