Recipe for Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese with Herbs

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Gourmet macaroni and cheese typically uses a few types of herbs as primary ingredients. Get a recipe for gourmet macaroni and cheese with herbs with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac, and today we're making gourmet herbed mac and cheese. Let's get started. So in our pot here I have my butter melting and as it's melting, I'm going to add my flour. This is for to create a rue. This is going to be the base of your sauce, pulling everything together. Give that a quick whisk, all that's in there, I'm going to add our Dijon mustard, gives it a nice kick. Also helps thicken it to keep it tied together, more whisking. Okay, lower the heat a little bit, okay. Now I'm going to slowly temper in my milk. It's already been heated. At this point your heat should be on medium, medium low. Let's adjust the seasoning a little bit. It's important to make sure your rue isn't too hot, your bechamel, sorry, isn't too hot. Alright, stir in our macaroni. This will cool down everything a little bit, nice toss and let's add our cheese. Today I'm going to use a little Fontina. I'm going to mix that in. It's important to add your cheeses in stages and I'm going to add some provolone, give that a nice stir. You should be on low, we'll add a little garlic. I never get to use this tool. I take advantage of it, just fun to use. Alright, throw some smashed garlic in there, mix it in. Finally, we're going to add feena herbs. Now feena herbs is parsley, tarragon, chives and shirgul. Add herbs at the last possible minute so you can keep their color, their vibrancy and their great fresh flavors. That's nice, there we go. Kill the heat and let's just dish it up, see it's nice and velvety, the herbs are nice and bright, the cheese is nice and melted. Okay, and because texture is very important I want to add some toasted panko and there's our finished product. I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac and this is our herb mac and cheese.


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