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Just because you're having macaroni and cheese doesn't mean that you can't be fancy while you do it. Learn about fancy macaroni and cheeses with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac, and today we're making fancy mac and cheese. Let's go over our ingredients. In my pot here I have some butter melting for our rue, just turn on the heat. And we're going to add our onions. I have red and yellow onions, okay. Let's just give you the stir, just wet these down a little bit until they are translucent. While that's happening we'll go over our other ingredients we're going to use today. This is going to be our flour for our rue. I'm going to add that, get that going, whisk everything together. It's going to look dry but the flour and butter are just sticking to the onions and everything will come together from the temper in the milk. So while that's cooking we're going to add our spices. We're going to use Dijon mustard today and some cracked black pepper as well as some kosher salt, pour into seasoning stages. It's the best way to get full potential out of your ingredients, whoops, it's okay. Okay while that's coming together let's add our tempered milk, well temper in our milk, I'm sorry, slowly like that. At this point let's drop the heat to about medium, you don't want to scorch the butter or flour, alright. Let's turn the heat down all the way to low and we'll let the flour cook out a little bit, okay and we're going to add our elbows, chilled already, quick stir. Let's add our cheese. Today we're going to add goat cheese, a little fontina and some Gruyere. So let's add the fontina in, give that a stir. Always add your cheeses in stages, never dump everything in at the same time, our Gruyere and at this point it's still okay to have your heat on low because, and make sure the cheeses are nice and melted. Okay while that's going on, adjust the seasoning a little bit, give it a quick stir. At this point I'm going to turn the heat all the way down, add our goat cheese, okay. I'm just going to use my whisk to break that up a little bit, just give it a good stir. It's fresh goat cheese, nice and soft and creamy, okay, that looks good. At this point I'm actually going to kill the heat. I'm going to add our spinach, add the spinach at the last possible moment so that you can keep the color and it stays nice and vibrant, alright, there you go. You don't want to bruise the vegetables. Let's just fold the spinach in. The residual heat will wilt the spinach all by itself. Alright, okay. At this point we'll going to plate it up, alright so let's just spoon that in there. The spinach is just wilted enough that it still has its color, it's nice and bright green and vibrant. Okay and we're going to finish with a nice chiffonade of basil, nice and bright and green, okay, and that's our finished product. I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac, DC and this is our fancy mac and cheese.


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