Recipe for Macaroni & Cheese With Cheddar & Asiago Cheeses

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One great way to make macaroni and cheese that much better is through the careful use of cheddar and asiago cheeses. Learn about a macaroni and cheese recipe with cheddar and asiago cheeses with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac and today, we're making cheddar and asiago cheese. So, in my pot here, I have buttermilk melting and this is for our roux. I;m going to add our flour. The heat should be medium, medium low. You'll only get too much color on your butter right when you're heating it up. Don't forget about it. I'm going to slowly add in our milk. Oops! Okay. And as that's coming together, I'm going to add a little salt and pepper, it's important to season in stages. I'll bring the heat up to make sure our bechamel is to the right consistency. As soon as this gets the right consistency, you want to add it, it's important that bechamel gets the right consistency before you add your pasta. Okay. I'm going to add our, our already cooked and chilled elbows. Mix that in. All I'm going to do is we're going to add our cheeses in stages. This is going to be our asiago. Cooking should always be done in stages. It's important to not overwhelm the dish you're making. This is the best way to build flavor on top of each other. Okay. It's nice and incorporated, let's add our cheddar. Oop! Okay. Okay, one more quick seasoning. Okay. You want to lower the heat. Add our one beaten egg. This is your binder 'cause this is what's going to make everything stay together. Okay. Let's pull the heat on that. Let's take our pre-oiled container. This is nice and goey. Okay. You want to finish it with a little bit of Panko. Panko is a Japanese breadcrumbs. They're thinner, they come out really really crispy. So, we're going to put this in a 350-degree oven for 25, 35 minutes until the top is nice and brown and the edges are bubbly. Okay, it's been about 25, 35 minutes, our cheddar and asiago mac and cheese should be finished. Let's check on it. Okay. Okay. And here as you can see, the top is nice and brown and it's bubbling around the outsides. It's going to be great. I'm Victoria Harris from CapMac, and this is our cheddar and asiago cheese.


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