How to Know When Potatoes Go Bad

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You'll definitely be able to tell when potatoes go bad if you know exactly what it is you're supposed to be looking for. Find out how to know when potatoes go bad with help from a farm to table chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Teca Thompson, farm-to-table chef. Today, we are talking about how to know when potatoes go bad. So there's a few different ways they can go bad. They can be moldy or they can be slimy and just gone too far. Or they can sprout things that are called slips. Slips are a potato plant growing out of the tuber of the potato. So these are very good when you want to plant more potato plants in your garden or something. But as far as culinary consumption they've gone too far. And they need to be either planted in your garden or thrown away. So just to give you an idea of a good potato in contrast. As you can see this is a good potato. It's very fresh and firm. It has no bruises or bad spots, no slime. And as you can see this is the eye so it will be the same thing on this potato where this plant is growing out of. And as you can see there's nothing growing out of the eye. So that is the difference between a good potato and a bad potato. Good potatoes are firm and they don't have anything growing out of them. And they have no bad spots or slimy areas. Potatoes that are going bad or gone bad tend to have the slips growing out of their eyes or slimy. Not so firm, maybe rubbery to feel or touch. So that is to tell how to tell if a potato has gone bad. I'm Teca Thompson, thank you for watching.


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