Asparagus & Pancetta Omelet

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Asparagus and pancetta omelets are a rich, flavorful way to get in a healthy meal. Make asparagus and pancetta omelets with help from a former successful international model turned celebrity chef and award-winning author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm chef Maria Liberati, author of the Gourmand World award winning book series, The Basic Art of Italian Cooking. And I'm here in Harleysville, Pennsylvania at Game and Design and Remodeling. I am making an asparagus and pancetta omelette. I have two ounces of pancetta, I chop those into pieces, I chop the pancetta into pieces. I took four ounces of fresh asparagus. However, make sure to cut the asparagus just to get the little tender tips. Do not use the stocks. You can actually use these for soup if you would like. But the tips are much tender. So you going to saute the asparagus tips, the pancetta and about a half a tablespoon of butter. Saute those until the pancetta is just a little bit golden and the asparagus is tender. Now we have our filling for the omelette, and ready to do the omelette. I have two eggs here and I am going to whisk those together with the wire whisk. Otherwise if you do not have a wire whisk, please feel free to use a fork and a little pinch of salt, pinch of freshly ground black pepper. Nothing's better than freshly ground black pepper. And we're ready to pour this into our pan. I've let some butter melt, about a half a teaspoon of butter has melted in the pan, and you can see it got nice and white and foamy. Don't burn your butter. Be sure not to burn butter before you put your omelette in the pan. And if you're using oil, olive oil has a higher burning temperature. So it's a little bit easier to use. But either way, just don't burn the butter. Be sure to make sure that all the edges are not sticking to the pan. I have a non-stick pan here. So it is not sticking at all and of course I use my butter. Buy be sure the edges are not sticking to the pan so you can pull out your omelette. OK. Now we're ready to plate the omelette. My omelette's ready, ready to be filled. There we go, asparagus and pancetta. I cannot wait. We're going to fold this over, top with some minced parsley and you are ready to eat. I'm Maria Liberati author of the Gourmand World award winning book series The Basic Art of Italian Cooking, here at Game and Design and Remodeling in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. And I just showed you an asparagus and pancetta omelette. Thanks for watching.


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