How to Cook Low-Calorie Steaks

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Not all steaks are inherently high in calories - they're often just cooked that way. Cook low-calorie steaks with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi it's chef Jackson Lamb at the Hospitality Learning Center at MSU Denver. Today we're going to talk about how to cook low calorie steaks. Well the first thing we hear in that terminology is low calorie. That typically means there is no oil, there is no butter, and there is no fat. Well fat is a natural product of most steaks, so here I've got a steak, it's got a fat cap on there. Let's go through the first step together. We're going to take this steak, and we're going to remove that fat. We're trying to get down to low calorie. Before I do this, it's worth mentioning that where there's fat, there's flavor. So while we eliminate the fat while we're making it a low-cal steak, we're also going to sacrifice some of the flavor of that product. But moving ahead, here's how we do this. We're going to remove this fat cap right here. What's nice about this is I can actually shape the steak so that I can do this in one cut. We're going to come right across the top here and I'm going to eliminate this entire fat cap. So this piece disappears all together. I've got a little bit of fat down here on the end. You want to try to keep all the meat on there but I've got to try to eliminate the fat. So as we eliminate this, now what we've got here is a fairly nice piece of meat. Let's take a look at it from the other side and there is some flex of fat through here that's called marbling. This is a good thing. This is where some of the flavor of the meat is. Well now that we've gotten the fat off of this, we need to cook this with no butter and no oil. We can spice it up though. That's very important. We're going to utilize a little bit of cracked fresh pepper. We're going to utilize a little bit of fresh kosher salt. So here's what we have. We have eliminated the fat on this. I intend to cook this in the oven. You can do it on your grill outside, you can do it on a broiler, or you can do it in an oven at home just like I'm going to do. I've already prepared a steak like this and here's what it looks like once we bring it out of the oven. So this has been done in a broiler in the oven. No fat and what we've got here is a great looking steak. I'm Jackson Lamb. Thanks for watching.


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