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Improving a steak requires you to take a look at three main components of the process. Find out how to improve a steak with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon. I'm chef Jackson Lamb. I'm at MSU, Denver, Metropolitan State University, and today we're going to show you a couple of techniques on how to improve the flavor of a steak. There's three main components we're going to take a quick look at. That is using a dry rub, using a marinade, and using a tenderizing method. So let's begin with the dry rub. I've got a dry rub right here which is a common rub. We find this a great use in barbeque, for doing brisket or if we're going steaks on the grill. This rub that I made consists of brown sugar, I've got kosher salt, I've got coarse black pepper, and I've got garlic over here. And what we've done with this dry rub, we've put this together in the bowl. The basis of being a brown sugar, it's going to add a little sweetness to the meat. It's going to caramelize in the cooking process and that will improve the flavor of the steak. And really what we do is we take that steak, we're going to put it into this combination of ingredients that we put together, and a dry rub is just that. We're going to go ahead and coat this steak with this flavor. OK. And once that is done, we can get up all of our steaks set up like that and then once that hits the grill that brown sugar is going to start to melt, it's going to caramelize, it's going to soak into the meat, it's going to have a great flavor to it. That's using a dry rub. The other technique we want to talk about today is using a marinade. Typically when we're working with a marinade, we're utilizing items such as oil, vinegar, and an assortment of spices. It's important in a marinade that you're utilizing a vinegar or some sort of acid because what we want to do is we want that acid to permeate the flavor of the meat. So literally what we would do with this combination of oil and vinegar, a vinaigrette dressing if you will, we're going to take a steak, we're going to go ahead and we're going to put it in that marinade. We're going to go to both sides, we're going to let it sit for a couple of minutes, OK. And once we bring that out, this marinated steak again will be grilled and it's wonderful. The third item that I want to show you today is what do you do if you have a piece of meat that is not a beautiful New York steak like these. Well, we have a special tool for that in our industry and it's called the Jaccard. This item here has thirty tiny needles-like knifes if you will. And if we had a piece of meat such as a top round or a bottom round tough piece of meat, what we would do is we're going to put this over the meat and we're going to allow these knife blades to permeate the meat like so, and as we make thirty holes, every time we pass the meat, we're going to go in the other direction now. And ladies and gentlemen, using a Jaccard, that is how we will tenderize a tough piece of meat. There is another method on tenderizing meat and that is using the old school method of a mallet, a meat mallet to tenderize the meat. But this is the tool that you want to use. This is the greatest and the latest. I'm chef Jackson Lamb. Thanks for joining us today on how to improve the flavor of a steak.


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