Butter-Crusted Grilled Steak

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There really are few meals quite as delicious as a nice butter-crusted grilled steak. Make a butter-crusted grilled steak with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon. I'm chef Jackson Lamb at MSU Denver. We're in the recording studios of Metropolitan State University of Denver. Today we're going to talk about a butter-crusted grilled steak. This is a two step process that requires a steak that's been run through a dry rub and we're going to add to that a compound butter. Let's separate those for a second. I'm using a dry rub today that consists of brown sugar, paprika, salt, pepper, and garlic. This dry rub is going to be put into a hot cast iron pan and we're going to sear it on both sides, and that dry rub is going to create a crust on top of the steak. Now let's get started with that to see what that's all about. Going to add this to our pan here. And while that's cooking up, let's talk about the compound butter. Compound butter is a chef's term and that is a butter that has been whipped with herbs and spices. Our compound butter today happens to have salt, pepper, parsley and garlic in it. And as we pan sear this steak, ultimately what will happen is we'll create a crust on both sides of it and then add the very end at the time of service, we're going to add our compound butter and that compound butter will melt over the steak and it's going to infuse a great flavor. Bear in mind that you can make your own compound butter at home and you can put any flavor ingredient in there that you like. So let's come back to our steak and see what's happening here. As this is searing on one side and then the other, we're going to go ahead and flip this over. We're getting a nice sear in there. The brown sugar is starting to caramelize and that's what we're looking for that creates the crust. And so as we continue with this, we're going to let this go. This is going to go for about another two or three minutes and when we get ready to serve, we're going to introduce that compound butter on top and it's just going to melt in to the steak and it's great. So bear with me while we go through this procedure. Ladies and gentlemen, this steak has been cooking for about four minutes now. Two minutes on each side. And as we pull this out of the pan, you're going to see that it's very caramelized, it's very crusty. We're going to go ahead and put this on our pan, rather on our plate. Going to introduce our compound butter right here. We're going to allow this to come over and sit on the steak and by the time that makes it to the dinner table, that's going to melt in to the steak, create some great flavor and it's going to be a wonderful dinner. This is chef Jackson Lamb, and thank you very much for joining us today.


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