How to Make Bloody Steak

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When it comes to steak, some people have the mentality of "the bloodier, the better." Make a bloody steak with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon, I'm Chef Jackson Lamb, here at The Hospitality Learning Center at MSU Denver. Today, we're going to take a look at the term bloody steak and how to make a bloody steak. Well there's two components that I like to address. First is we need a hot, hot pan and we need a good steak. You know a bloody steak is really not a restaurant term or a chef term. It really means, well the chefs have a term it's called Pittsburgh Black and Blue and really what the chefs like to do, they want to take a good steak, put it into a hot pan. They want to sear it on the outside yet they want them to be rare on the inside and that's what we're going to do today. For starters we're going to take our steak. We've got a New York Strip, we're going to give it a little salt and pepper and ladies and gentleman we want to make sure that we're doing both sides of the steak because people, we just want to make sure that we have consistency in our spice. Remember that we should season in layers too, there's another great technique. So with that my pan is hot, my steak is seasoned, let's see what happens here. As we are searing the steak, it's important that we recognize that two issues, one is we only want to flip it once, okay. We don't want to flip it multiple times. An old chef taught me years ago, right now all this heat is building up under the steak. If I were to flip it over prematurely, all that heat would dissipate. We're going to let it sit until it actually starts to sweat and you'll see the juice of the steak coming to the top. Once that happens we will flip the steak over once but I'm going to utilize a thermometer. We want the internal temperature to not exceed 125 degrees. So as we are heating up here I'm starting to see some activity on top of the steak, the juice is starting to come to the surface. We're going to wait a few more seconds and then we'll go ahead and flip that over. Again the goal here is to make a bloody steak. This is a steak lover's delight. This is when it's seared on the outside but we still have that raw meaty flavor on the inside. I can see that the juice in the steak is starting to come up to the surface. I'm going to go ahead and flip this over and as you can see, as we bring this over, we are getting crusted on the outside. That is absolutely beautiful. We're going to have to let this go for another two minutes. I want the internal temperature to be 125 degrees, let's temp and see what we've got. And as I put that in there, we're coming up to 100, 110, I'm going to 120, okay, I'm going to remove our thermometer, we're going to remove our steak put this where I can find it later on and let's see what we have on the inside. We can see that it's caramelized or seared on the outside, we can see that the inside is still rare and that ladies and gentleman is how to make a bloody steak. I'm Jackson Lamb at MSU Denver. Thank you very much.


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