How to Carve a Kiwi Into a Flower

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Carving kiwi into a flower is a great way to make your favorite fruit a little more festive. Carve kiwi into a flower with help from a classically-trained chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Farm-to-Table Chef Teca Thompson, and today we're talking about how to carve a kiwi into a flower. So I have here a fresh, ripe kiwi fruit. I kind of like to take my rag and just kind of get off that excess hair off of it, just because they're kind of hairy. Okay. So after you've wiped it down, you're gonna take your paring knife, and you're going to insert the paring knife all the way through the kiwi at a 45 degree angle. And we're gonna go all the way around. So, one, about a half inch apart, two, three, all the way through to the cutting board, make sure you feel it cut through. Alrighty, almost there. Great. So once you've done one way, you're going to just flip the kiwi around and do the same thing on the other side. All the way through, and then the line should hit in the middle. Almost there. Okay. And then, we just, if we've done it correctly, take it, and pull it apart. Isn't that beautiful? So these are great for garnishing side dishes or fruit salads, or just eating with a spoon. But it's a beautiful way to present the kiwi. So, I'm Chef Teca Thompson that is how a carve a kiwi into a flower. Thank you for watching.


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