How to Cut Watermelon & Refrigerate

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When cutting watermelon with the intention to refrigerate, you always need to keep a few important things in mind. Cut watermelon and refrigerate with help from a classically-trained chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Farm-to-Table Chef Teca Thompson, and today we’re talking about how to cut watermelon for refrigeration. So, here I’ve got a big old chunk of watermelon. This is completely subjective. It depends on what you want to use it for, whatever. So, I’m going to tell you two different ways – two different ways I like to do it personally. Like, one is more for breakfasts and stuff like that, and the other is for, like, more like backyard barbecues. So, I’m just going to half the piece of watermelon I have right down the middle. And then, this would be the barbecue portion for me personally. And, I just like to slice them, keeping them on the rind in nice little hand-friendly pieces, like so, making sure they’re all symmetrical. And then, I’m just going to take a plate, lay them on the plate, and then I’d cover them with plastic wrap. So, that’s one way. The other way, I’m just going to take them off the rind. So, I’m just going to take my knife, then I’m just going to remove the rind, like so. And then, I’m just going to kind of take my knife and just make square pieces, square as you can. And then, I’m just going to take my Tupperware, and I’m just going to take the whole chunk of watermelon like this, and just place it in my Tupperware. And, you have nice, beautiful, little bite-size pieces of watermelon that are good to go anytime. I’m chef Teca Thompson. That is how to cut watermelon for your refrigerator. Thank you for watching.


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