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There are a few key tricks that you can do with an exercise ball that will really help improve your fitness regime in the long run. Learn about exercise ball tricks with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. I'm Jill Brown. I'm a trainer in Los Angeles, and I'm coming to you today with my assistant, Jim, from LA Dance Fit. We're going to show you some really cool exercises you can do with exercise balls also known as medicine balls. So here we go Jim. He's going to start off with his hands and feet on the medicine balls and he's going to do pushups. This is super hard, crazy balance, extreme core strength and of course, upper body strength because he's doing pushups. Alright, we're going to regress this down because not everybody can start off on this one and take it to three balls. So let's lose one of these and he's going to have two feet on one ball, two hands on separate balls, here we go. Let's try a couple more like this. Believe it or not, with two feet on the same ball, it's a little bit easier to balance. Good job Jim. Just breathe. It's not that easy, okay, let's get rid of the ball under your feet and we're just going to do pushups with your hands on balls. A lot of people can do this one. It helps you get a deeper chest stretch, excellent. Alright and now let's do one more where we just have your feet on the ball and forget about the hands on the ball. So here's the opposite, two feet on two balls, hands on the floor. So these are great regressions if you are working your way up to having your hands on separate balls and your feet on separate balls. Alright and now let's do my favorite one, two feet on one ball. So let's just lose one of these guys and we'll balance both feet, both toes on one ball and a couple pushups. It's basically a decline pushup with a little bit of extra core balance. Good job. He makes it look so easy and that's how you do some really cool exercise tricks on medicine balls. From LA Dance Fit, I'm Jill Brown, until next time.


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