Standing Exercises for a Weighted Ball

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Standing exercises for a weighted ball need to be done in a very particular way for the maximum efficiency. Learn about standing exercises for a weighted ball with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, guys. I'm Jill Brown. Today, I'm working out at LA Dance Fit, and I'm going to show you some of my favorite exercises to do with a weighted ball or a medicine ball. So the first exercise is called the wood chop. It's basically a squat where I bring my arms through the legs and I use the strength or power of my legs to raise the ball up. So what you don't want to feel is like you are doing a shoulder or an arm raise. You want to feel your legs send the energy up through the ball. Now there's a variation on this wood chop and that's the diagonal wood chop also known as the core chop. It's similar, we're going to bring the ball around the outside of the body and then up. So if you are a golfer this looks familiar, tennis player, familiar, baseball, maybe even hockey. So that's the diagonal and then be sure to do it on the other side and watch the knees, make sure your knees aren't collapsing in but you are maintaining a very strong squat and then just swing that ball up using the power of your legs. Next is the halo, this is heavenly. It's a stretch for the front of the shoulders and for the upper chest. Do the same number in both directions and be careful not to move your head. Keep your head neutral and move the ball around. Last, we're going to do a squat to press, full body exercise. Squat long spine and press the ball up, works the legs, the butt and the shoulders. Now, let's have some fun. You want to do a little cardio, add a plyometric, we're going to jump, land softly on the balls of the feet, down to the heels and power up. That felt awesome didn't it? From LA Dance Fit, I'm Jill Brown until next time.


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