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Certain exercises are great for both reducing your bust and making it much more firm. Learn about an exercise to reduce and firm the bust with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. I'm Jill Brown. I'm a certified trainer in Los Angeles, and today I'm working out with you at LA Dance Fit. Now a lot of women always want to know what exercises they can do to reduce and firm the bust and the news is you can't really reduce the bust because it's tissue and body fat so you have to lose weight by diet and exercise. However, you can firm the muscles underneath the bust and here's a few that I like to do. First we'll start off lying on our backs on a mat or on a bench and take some dumbbells and we're going to do the chest fly. We just open and close like you're hugging a tree and then if you want to add a little intensity to this one, I like to do this in a pulsing motion, small and tight with my elbows kind of close to the floor and I'm only moving about six or seven inches or so. So that's an excellent one. Next, I always recommend women do some sort of pushup. So I'm going to turn over and I'll show you the easy one first on your hands and knees and we're just going to bring our chest down between our hands and push up. Notice how when I come down, my chest is right in between my hands and here's a big mistake ladies, do not have your hands out there, that works your shoulders more. If you can, I highly recommend trying to do them on your feet. Here's a full pushup. And those are a couple exercises you can do to firm the muscles under the bust, but remember, if you want to reduce the bust, it's really all about your diet and exercise so you've got to lose some weight to reduce the size of the bust. From LA Dance Fit, I'm Jill Brown.


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