Leg Exercises With Ankle Attachments

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Leg exercises are very effective, especially when you choose to do them with ankle attachments. Learn about leg exercises with ankle attachments with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jill Brown. I'm a group fitness instructor and a private trainer in Los Angeles. Today, I'm coming to you from LA Dance Fit and we're going to talk about exercises with ankle attachments, great for your legs, I recommend using one to five pound ankle weights. These are three pounds and we're going to start off doing a single leg lying lift. We're just going to come down onto our elbows, keep your spine nice and straight, a good straight line from your tailbone, out through your head, extend one leg in front of you and simply lift and lower the leg. Now notice how my moving leg is not going past my stationery leg, watch for that. You don't want to throw your back into it and then we'll do about 15 to 20 reps on this leg and then always be sure to switch and do the same number of repetitions on the other leg. It's a great exercise for the muscles down the front of the thigh that attach to the knee. Next we're going to do inner and outer thighs. So we'll roll over on to one side. You can be up on your elbow but be careful and watch for your posture. We don't want to sag into our neck and then for people with spine issues, I often recommend doing this in a neutral spine down here but for the sake of me talking to you on camera, I'm going to come up onto my elbow. We'll take the top leg extended out to work the outer thigh, slowly lift and lower your leg, about 15 to 20 times. If you want to target the side of your butt a little more and who doesn't rotate your toe down a little bit so your heel is a little bit higher and then you'll start to feel that in your upper hip on the side of your glutes. And then to take this into inner thigh, simply switch your legs around, lift and lower your leg. If you are feeling hip pain on your bottom leg, then you can lie down the way I demonstrated earlier. So this is for inner thigh. Make sure you do an even number of both exercises on each leg and finally, we're going to hit the old glutes with a donkey kick. You can do it on your hands extended. It's a little harder to keep your back in neutral so I often recommend people do it down on their elbows but again for sake of camera, I'm going to do it up on my arms. We're going to extend the leg behind us and lift and lower our leg using the muscles of the glutes and that's called the donkey kick. Again 15 to 20 reps on each leg if you can and from LA Dance Fit, those are exercises with ankle attachments. I'm Jill Brown until next time.


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