Winter Container Garden Ideas

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A container garden really makes a fun project to do during the cold winter months of the year. Get winter container garden ideas with help from a bulb and garden expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Hans Langeveld and I'm with, and I'm going to show you here how to plant a winter container garden. This is a nice size container and right now in the fall what we're going to do is we're going to plant daffodils in this container so they come up early in the spring and right on top of it we're going to plant these ornamental cabbages. In the spring when the cabbages are starting to die down, then the daffodils will actually peak through and will grow through the cabbages and then create beautiful flowers again. So you have decoration and color in your container throughout the winter, through the spring. I've taken the bulbs out of the bag here and then I'm going to plant, I'm going to basically, basically lay them out how I want to plant them and as you notice I'm first setting them up with the noses up. This is how we eventually want to plant them in the ground. And we're going to start on one end and plant these as deep as we can, approximately six inches into the ground which is about three times the actual height of the bulb. This is how we're going to plant them, one by one. Planting Tahiti daffodils, Tahiti bulbs a little bit later in the season, but the flowers are very long lasting and they're beautiful in color. They're yellow with orange. And during the winter they will actually start to form sprouts and roots. And they can actually handle the cold so they will not freeze. There shouldn't be any danger of that. And the cabbages will actually keep color for the entire winter and then once it's spring they'll start to die down and loose their decorative value. And that's the time when the daffodils will actually sprout and start to grow and come up. So we continue to have beautiful color in this container. Now we're going to take the cabbage and plant them right on top and give it beautiful color even though it's winter. Make sure you don't dig up the daffodils that you just planted. So this is how you plant a winter container garden with cabbage and daffodils in this case. But you can also plant other types of bulbs like tulips or even hyacinths and cover them up with cabbages or violets to make sure that you have color throughout the winter. And then the bulbs take over with the color in the spring. My name is Hans Langeveld and I'm with And you can visit our website for more tips and we also have a lot of videos to help you create beautiful and strong gardens.


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