How to Store Dahlia Flowers in Winter

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Dahlia flowers need to be stored in a very particular way, especially if you're trying to store them over the winter. Store Dahlia flowers in the winter with help from a bulb and garden expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Hans Langeveld with, and I'm going to show you how to store dahlias through the winter. And we're going to start with the bulbs that have been separated from the foliage and that are now drying a little bit. We're going to store these dahlias in this little wooden box. And before we do that we're going to put a little newspaper liner in it, all right. And I'm going to take these dahlias and lay them in there so we can store them over the winter. And we're going to store them, we're going to put the box in a spot where it's about 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and with a little bit of humidity. But as long as there's no serious draft or frost that can get to them. And now we're going to put some peat moss over it, sprinkle some peat moss. The peat moss will actually condition the bulbs and it's dry so it will not rot or dry further more. See this is not a way of storing bulbs like dahlias in little plastic containers. And the nice thing about these is you can stack these so you can store more bulbs in a small area. And there is air holes in there on both sides to let the air go through and they don't get moldy and they'll dry better. Before we do that we're going to put the newspaper liner in so the bulbs are not sitting on the plastic. And then we're going to put all these dahlias in there and we're going to preferably stack them in with the stem upright. They can dry and this way they can be stored for the winter. And now we have the bulbs in there. We're going to put a little bit of, sprinkle a little bit of peat moss over it and that will actually be better for the bulbs to store them over the winter because the peat moss will hold some moisture and will prevent drying the bulbs out more. You don't need too much. All right. And now what you can do is open up these notches and stack the next crate on top of it. Now these boxes are great to store your bulbs in over the winter, and now I've shown you how to store these dahlias in there. You should be having beautiful blooms again next spring. My name is Hans Langeveld and I'm with And you can come visit our website for more tips and videos.


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