How to Plant Flower Beds in Fall

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When planting flower beds in the fall, you're always going to want to keep a few important things in mind. Plant flower beds in the fall with help from a bulb and garden expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Hans Langeveld, and I'm co-owner of, and I'm going to show you how to plant a flower bed in the fall. This is a bag of tulips that we're going to plant and bulbs need about twelve weeks of coldness to be able to start sprouting and form the roots and sprouts for next spring. Now in terms of preparing the bed, what you need is a shovel and later on we're going to use the bulb trowel. First we're going to dig up the bed where we're going to plant the bulbs. We're going to make this about the size of the area we need to plant the bulbs. I'm going to make this about six to eight inches deep because you want to plant the bulbs about three times the depth of their own size. So this bulb is probably about two inches tall, so you're going to plant it about six inches deep. First prepare the bed, make sure it's nice and loose underneath the bulb so they can form roots. This soil here is fairly easy to work with. It's got enough organic matter for good drainage and it's got enough fertilizer in it. So this is about as deep as you want it to be. All right. Now we're going to take the bag of bulbs and sprinkle them, sprinkle them out over the bed. Never mind the loose skins, at some point in the fall the skins will gradually dry up and come loose from the bulb. That's no problem. These bulbs look healthy and they should be just fine. Now when you plant these bulbs, you want to make sure that the tip of the bulb, which is called the nose of the bulb, actually points upward because that's where the sprout will come from and on the bottom here, this is where the roots will grow. In the event the bulb's actually planted upside down, the sprout will actually find its way to the light and grow up anyway. So it's not really bad if it's not planted upright. And now we're going to basically plant the bulbs and you want to be sure to plant them about four inches apart from each other. And you don't want to put them all in just rows. I'm right now building kind of a group so it will be a nice, a nice flower bed when they bloom in the spring. This is about as many bulbs you need for this size, for this size bed. I'm going to sprinkle a little bit peat moss over it so the peat moss will actually help with the drainage. You don't want too much but a little bit is good help to bring up the organic matter in the soil. And then you basically replace the original soil, and then we're all done. Now a good tip would be to put a plant stake with the variety name in there so you know what you planted. So this is how you plant a fall flower bed. And my name is Hans Langeveld with Please visit our website and you'll find more tips and videos on how to create beautiful and strong gardens.


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