How to Plant Bulbs With Ground Cover

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Planting bulbs with ground cover is a great way to make sure that those bulbs grow up to be as healthy as possible. Plant bulbs with ground cover with help from a bulb and garden expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hans Langeveld and I'm co-owner of, and I'm going to show you how to plant bulbs underneath ground cover. The reason you want to plant bulbs underneath ground cover is because in the Spring when the bulbs are done blooming and the foliage dies back then you still have color with the ground cover that will come up and grow through the bulbs. So you have pretty much color in that same spot for the entire Summer. When you want to plan these is basically when you have the first frost you can see this Lamb's Ear is really starting to die back because we've had some frost already and this will die back even more through the Winter and what we'll do is we'll plant the bulbs in between the ground cover. So then next Spring when the Lamb's Ear is all died back black and brown then the daffodils will actually start to grow through the ground cover and provide beautiful color and preferably you want to do this with ground cover that doesn't produce runners. Like you would want to avoid ivy because the runners are so strong that they will actually choke the bulbs. What you're going to need is a bulb trowel like this and you just dig the hole and you want to, as a rule, you want to plant the bulb about three times the height of it. So this bulb is probably about two inches tall so you would want to plant it about six inches deep. You want to make sure that you plant the nose of the bulb upright because that's where the sprouts will be coming from. I'll plant one here and the ground cover is very strong so even if you damage it a little bit, it's no problem because it will grow back again. At the same time, the ground cover will actually help protect the bulb when it's really cold and freezing weather, not that the bulb will freeze but it will help actually to protect its sprouts and roots. So this is how you plant bulbs underneath ground cover. My name is Hans Langeveld and I'm with Please visit our website for more tips and videos to grow your nice beautiful strong gardens.


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