How to Make French Cashew Juice

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French cashew juice needs to be prepared in a very particular way for maximum authenticity. Make French cashew juice with help from a raw and healthy food expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, what's going on? It's Chelsea Silverman here at Juiceateria and I am so excited to show you one of my favorite recipes ever. It's a great breakfast, a great snack, a great dessert and yes, I'm talking about some French cashew juice in the house. Alright. So, here is what is involved. Our cashews, these have been soaked in water and now, they're sprouted. I soaked them in water because all nuts have a film on the outside called phytic acid or some call it phytic acid. And this is basically just a bunch of dirt and germs and residue that is on raw cashews or raw nuts before we eat them, and if we don't soak them and get them off, then we put that in our body and nobody wants that. So, also, another cool thing about soaking your nuts is they get sprouted. And they get this little tail at the end of the nut and that's when you know it's sprouted, it means that it's enzyme rich and it is so good for you. So, let's sprout on. So, we'll go ahead and make our cashew juice with our cashews and that's about a nice cup; that's good for a small serving. Nobody wants to get too nutty. We'll do a little bit of vanilla flavor or vanilla extract. I like the flavor 'cause the extract has alcohol in it which doesn't hurt some people, but some don't like it. A couple of drops of Stevia, a little bit goes a long way. Of course, our raw honey, my favorite, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, this is just so good for you. It can be taken internally which we're going to do with this cashew juice or it can be external on some cuts, bruises, scrapes and burns. And then we have some filtered water. Now, this is what will get the juice going. Alright. So, to one cup of cashews, you'll probably want to do four to five cups of water which I'm just right in between. Ain't that something? Alright. And we'll go ahead and grind it up and make some juice. I think that looks good. It's nice to start the Vitamix on a low speed and then bump it up to a higher speed. Just a little trick of the trade. Alright. So, hmmm, smells great. Already. Let me just do a little taste. You know, I'm a taster. Hmmm, that is so good. It's like dessert. And another little trick, if you're a chocolate lover or chocoholic, you can add some raw cacao powder into here and you got chocolate milk. So, boom, to your health, French cashew juice from, straight from my heart to yours. Enjoy!


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