How to Sub a Video With an SRT in Notepad

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An SRT file is also known as a video subtitle file. Learn how to sub a video with an SRT in Notepad with help from a graphic designer and Web developer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. My name is David Summons with Graceroot Design here in Dallas, Texas, and today we're going to talk about SRT files and more specifically how to create an SRT file in notepad. Now SRT files are really important. They are the actual files that contain the subtitles for digital video content. You want to start by locating the notepad program on your computer. You can do this by going to the start menu and locating your accessories folder and you should be able to open notepad there. Now we're going to start the phasing sequence. So you want to start with the number 1 which signifies that this is the very first subtitle and then you want to hit enter. And on the next line you're going to enter your timing sequence. So we're going to time it to show the first subtitle at the two minute mark, which would be your zero column, zero 2, column zero, zero. And then we're going to add our duration sequence and the cut off sequence. And all of these should be on the second line. Once you've completed that, you're going to hit enter and on your third line this is actually where you would type your subtitle. And so we're going to add one more subtitle. Going to start with the number sequence. We already did number 1 and this subtitle is showing that the two minute mark, between the two minute and the three minute mark of the video. So we're going to start the second subtitle. Our start time will actually be a the three minute and fifteen second, thirteen second, I'm sorry. And we'll add our duration sequence and cut off sequence at the four minute mark. And then we're going to hit enter. And so now we have subtitles. The next phase of creating an SRT file is going to be to save, and we're going to name it just something, and you want to make sure that you have the correct encoding. If you're doing it in English you want to keep the encoding at ANSI. And if you're doing it in an alternative language, you're probably going to use Unicode or UTF. So we're going to save that file and close notepad and then share right here on our desk top. Now the last, the very last phase to creating a file is that you need to rename the extension of the file from TXT to .SRT, hit save and now you have created your very first SRT file. Again, my name is David Summons for Graceroot Design in Dallas, Texas and today we talked about how to create an SRT file in notepad.


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