How to Add a Border to a WPF Grid

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When adding a border to a WPF grid, you're always going to want to be very careful to avoid messing up the rest of your project. Add a border to a WPF grid with help from a graphic designer and Web developer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm David Summons with Graceroot Designs here in Dallas, Texas, and today we're going to be talking about how to add a border to your WPF grid table. Now WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation and these sorts of tables and grids are utilized to present data and information in your normal Windows interface. Today, we're gonna show through an HTML example how to add a border around these grids. Open up the page or a specific HTML source code editor that you utilize and you're gonna locate the table data here and to show you an example of what the borderless table will look like, it should like so. We have 4 options over 2 table columns in 2 rows there. Now we're gonna add a border just around this data to present it a little bit better. To do so you want to edit the opening table tag and you're gonna use a basic command for border and maybe you're gonna give it a thickness, the thickness can be any value that you choose just keep in mind that this is not a color base command it's talking about the thickness so it will increase the size of the border around the information which could affect your CSS layout , we're gonna give it a medium border of 5 and then we're gonna save and then we're gonna review our work here, accept the refresh and now we have our border around our table grid as such. Again, my name is David Summons here with Graceroot Design in Dallas, Texas and today we talked about how to add a border around your WPF grid.


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