How to Cook Penne for Kids

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When cooking penne for kids, you're always going to want to keep a number of important things in mind. Find out how to cook penne for kids with help from an expert food coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Barbara Kirshner a lot of people know me as Ms. Barb, I'm an expert food coach who loves teach healthy eating kids and parents. I develop recipes, I develop products and do kids cooking birthday parties and I just love to have fun with food. So today we are going to make a fun easy recipe. We need just a few ingredients for this mac and cheese. We have some shredded cheddar cheese, we have some frozen broccoli that I just defrosted, you could use fresh broccoli and just cook it a little bit and we have some reduced fat American cheese, okay? That's a very few ingredients. And we have a cup of milk. We have some penne pasta and it's three different colors, you can get that in the super market, they make it with vegetables which is fun and it's just like rainbow and cool. What we're going to do, this is only the hardest part, which isn't hard at all. Okay. We are going to cut up the little, the cheese in little pieces, now you can use, young chefs out there you can use your safety scissors, make sure that it's nice and clean or if your hands are clean, use your hands, I'm going to use the hands. And I'm going to use the scissors. Okay. It doesn't matter what size pieces their in, we just want them to be small so they'll melt. Okay, well I like the scissor version. The pasta only has one more minute to cook so what we're going to do is put in our broccoli just so it heats up before we drain our pasta, we just put in the broccoli just to heat it up, this is one package of frozen broccoli, this is during the last minute of cooking. So this is as quick and making mac and cheese for a box and really, really healthy and delicious, as you notice we don't have any butter here, do we? No, we don't. And we have reduced fat cheese and we have reduced fat milk. So I drained the pasta, we're going to add the milk and Sonya you can put in the cheese, all of it, okay? Let's put in the cheese. Okay. And I already put the milk in, I'm going stir it up till the cheese melts, you could add salt and pepper if you wanted to. So get your bowl ready, Sonya because we're almost ready to taste it. I'm ready. Whoops. Wow, may I taste this Ms. Barb? Absolutely. That is the best mac and cheese I've ever tasted, it's just delicious. I knew it, I knew it, I love it too. It's healthy easy and delicious. This is Barbara Kirshner, you can view more of my recipes on or Doggities Diner Inc or Doggities on PBS Sprout and NBC Kids. Great. And remember healthy eating can be fun for your family.


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