Healthy Baby Spinach Pizza Recipe

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Making healthy baby spinach pizza is something so easy you could do it every night of the week if you really wanted to. Get a healthy baby spinach pizza recipe with help from an expert food coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Barbara Kirshner a lot of people know me as Ms. Barb, I'm an expert food coach who teaches kids and parents healthy eating. I develop recipes and teach cooking classes, develop products and do healthy eating birthday parties, but most of all I like having fun, fun, fun with food. This is my friend Sonya. And what are we going to cook today, Ms. Barb? We are going to make pita bread pizzas, it's mini pizzas, that are quick easy and yummy because you know all my recipes are quick, easy, yummy, not too much equipment. So here we go, we have some whole pita breads, I like buying the small kind. I think that's a good idea. And we have our brush to brush on the sauce, we have spinach because these are supposed to be spinach and we have cheese. First have to start spraying the pan with nonstick cooking spray, you could also put olive oil in a small little spray bottle and spray it or canola oil, what ever you like, okay? Okay, I like that. Then we put our pita pizzas or pizza shells I should say, on the sheet, take our brush and brush the pizza with sauce. If you don't have a brush, that's okay, you could use the back of a spoon and just spread it along, but I like the brush. Now these are supposed to be spinach pizzas. Now some people like their spinach on the top of the cheese, some people like their spinach on the bottom of the cheese. So what we're going to do, each one of us is going to do one on the top and one on the bottom, it kind of has a different look, okay? Now this is frozen spinach that I just defrosted, didn't cook, just defrosted, I like using a lot of defrosted vegetables, it's quick and easy of course you could use fresh. I'm going to put my cheese over the spinach. Now at this point you could sprinkle with what ever seasonings you like, some people like putting Parmesan cheese on, some people like putting garlic salt or powder, some people like putting onion salt or powder, oregano, what ever you'd like. So you can do it anyway you want, basically there's no rules around this. Okay, this is mozzarella cheese, but you can make a Mexican pizza if you wanted to use salsa on the pizza instead if the pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce. I like decorating it around a little bit, just a little bit on the top, you can get really creative with these little pizzas. Now these are regular sized pizzas which we'll cut into wedges which is fun, but if a holiday is coming around or you just want to do something fun, you can use your safety scissors and cut the pizza in any shape you want. I am going to cut a Christmas tree, cut the stem and cut the tree into a triangle, the reason why I thought about a Christmas tree is because we're working with spinach and Christmas trees are green. Brush the tree with sauce then I'm going to use the cheese like snow, this is the mozzarella cheese, feta works really great with this too and then I am going to use golden corn Niblets because that's what I had to decorate the tree in little ornaments. This is all about having fun and being creative. So if your tree isn't perfect, no big deal. They look great. I have my pizza cutter. And I've got my plate. But, you know what? You're going to laugh. Okay. You, you could cut these with your safety scissors. Oh, of course we could. So let's taste our pizza. Okay, yum that is really good. Quick easy and delicious, spinach pita pizzas, quick easy and fun. I'm Barbara Kirchner to see more of my recipes ideas visit my website on or watch Doggities on NBC Kids and PBS Sprout and also check out Diggities Diner. Remember healthy eating is fun, enjoy.


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