How to Make Low-Calorie Tortilla Roll-Ups

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Not all tortilla roll ups need to be high in calories. Find out how to make low-calorie tortilla roll-ups with help from an expert food coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Barbara Kirshner. Some people call me Ms. Barb. I am an expert food coach. I love to teach healthy eating and cooking to kids and their parents. I develop recipes. I give classes. I do healthy eating birthday parties but most of all I love having fun, fun, fun with food. Well Ms. Barb what are we going to make today? Today, we are going to make a healthy tortilla roll up. Wow that sounds fun. Okay I washed my hands before we got here. I washed mine as well. And this is, we're ready to rock and roll. Alright? Okay, oh I like that. Okay, so I take a whole wheat tortilla. Did you know that these come in lots of different flavors? They come in whole wheat. They come in spinach. They come in carrot, tomato, all different colors. So your choice. I think tomato basil too. This is some light mayonnaise and I used a brush and I just brushed it on lightly so I don't get too much but I get the flavor, making sure that I have enough around the edges because that kind of acts as the glue. Next I'm going to put on some spinach leaves, right in the middle, nice and colorful, dark green and I'm going to lay my turkey slices on the top of the spinach. I'm going to put some shredded carrot. As you see we want to have it very very colorful and fun and it's going to taste delicious. Next I have some low fat, this is Jarlsberg cheese, but you could use any of your favorite cheese. This is great for lunch. It's great for a grab and go snack and then, I am going to put some more spinach on top, just because I like the color. Now I am going to roll it up. Some people like putting the edges like this and then rolling it so it's all a neat little package and some people just like rolling it up and roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll and squeeze it together. Then you could wrap it and eat it or you can cut it and look how beautiful it is inside, just like a fancy deli, really good for you, low in calories, loved by kids and adults alike. And you know what I like to do sometimes? What Ms. Barb? I like little bites of things and kids do too. I like to cut them in little bites and have little bite size, almost looks like sushi pieces. You could use this as little appetizers or grab and go bites. Oh that's great, you could use those in your vinda boxes. Yeah, you could. Well Sonya, that's how you make turkey roll ups with tortilla. I'm Barbara Kirshner. To see some of my recipe ideas , visit my website at or you can see my recipes on Doggities and NBC Kids as well as PBS Sprout and remember, healthy eating is fun. Rock and roll.


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