Kids' Meals With Ground Beef

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Ground beef plays an important role in a wide variety of different kids' meals. Find out about kids' meals with ground beef with help from an expert food coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Barbara Kirshner. Lots of people call me Ms. Barb. I'm an expert food coach and love teaching healthy eating to parents and kids. I develop recipes. I do cooking classes. I develop food products, do healthy eating cooking birthday parties and I just love, love, love having fun with food. Well what are we going to make today Ms. Barb? Today we are going to make something awesome with ground beef. I love meatballs and so we are going to make mini meatball sliders. You can cut the whole wheat bread or you can use mini slider rolls or probably even mini pita breads but somehow the slider rolls are hard to find. I always have whole wheat bread in the house so these are easy to make, have everything on hand. Okay now the is the time to get creative. So I'm going to cut a couple of squares for my slider, on the skewer. Should I use the rounds? If you want and then if you could hand me a piece of cheese and then I will cut my cheese and you can cut yours if you want and then stack it however you like. So I'm cutting my cheese in little squares. I mean you can cut it in any shape but I have an idea on how I want this little slider kabob to look. Put one piece of bread, put it in on the bottom, then you can put meatball, you can do it however you want to do it, I'm going to do it like that, I like lettuce, I like tomato, I like pickle, I like ketchup. I'm going to put my top on and that's it. Oh that looks great. Oh, this is beautiful. So the question is you're looking at this. You're looking at how your mouth opens and you say how am I going to eat this? This is very cute, right? So I notice when I was teaching preschool that all of the kids would take things apart and eat piece by piece, even sandwiches that were put together. They would just like eating it piece by piece. So you can do that. You can have it and eat one piece at a time or you could squish it together, take it off the skewer and eat it. Yummy. Do you like it Sonya? This is terrific Ms. Barb. Oh that's great. Well this is Barbara Kirshner and this is how you make mini meatball slider kabobs. You can see more of my recipes on or on Doggities that's on NBC Kids and PBS Sprout and remember, healthy eating is fun.


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