Healthy Bean Tomato Taco Salad

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Not all bean tomato taco salads are inherently unhealthy. Make a healthy bean tomato taco salad with help from an expert food coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Barbara Kirshner. Most people know me as Miss Barb. I'm an Expert Food Coach who loves to teach healthy eating to parents and kids. I develop recipes, I develop food product, I do birthday parties, just have fun, fun, fun with food. "So what we're making today, Miss Barb?" Well, today, we are going to make my friend Pancho Nero's taco salad. "Oh, that's what I'm talking about." Pancho Nero is my friend from Mexico and he loves having taco salad on Tuesday, Taco Tuesday. So, what we're going to do is get this taco salad together. It's quick and easy. I washed my hands, "Okay", before, "I washed mine", I got here and so we are ready to roll. Okay. First, I'm going to spray the pan with a lot, little non-stick cooking spray. Sometimes I put olive oil in a little spray bottle, "Oh, I do that", which also works great, "Yeah, great", and this is really quick and easy and fun. I'm going to put in my beans and I'm going to put in my salsa. Now, I use a mild salsa because I like things mild. Some people like it hot. So, you could do mild and medium or hot. Now that we've added the beans and the salsa, we're going to add chili powder. "Okay." Again, if you want it hot or spicy, add two or three teaspoons. If you want it mild, just one. But, we need the chili powder for the flavor. "How about just one?" Okay, sounds good to me. Now we've added the beans and the salsa and the chili powder, we're just going to stir it for one to two minutes, just to blend the flavors. Like I said, this is quick and easy. I don't know about you, but I don't have a lot of time to spend cooking things, but I love great food. "No, this is, that's very healthy and very tasty." Okay. Pick out your favorite color plate and what we're going to do is put some shredded lettuce, "Okay", on the bottom of the plate, "Let me do that. Now, let me just tell you about the shredded lettuce. You can buy shredded lettuce in the bag. So, you can just grab and go. You could also take your own lettuce, shred it with a knife or for those young little chefs out there, get your safety scissors, make sure it's nice and clean, and then take your lettuce and cut lettuce in little pieces. However you do it will be perfect. So, you're going to put the shred, shredded lettuce on the bottom plate, "Okay", you can use a spoon, tongs or your hands. If your hands are clean, that's cool. "My hands are clean." Perfect. "Oh this stuff isn't holding." Now, this mixture is all good to go. So, what we're going to do, if you put the plate down, "Yes", we put your bean and salsa mixture in the middle of the lettuce. What we have today for our taco salad is some corn niblets; I use frozen corn, just de-frosted them, good to go. You could also use canned, drained corn or fresh corn cooked. Then, we have some chopped tomato, you could also use cucumber, green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper; but the deal is to make it colorful. "Oh, I love that, hmmm." So, take your corn, "Okay", and your tomato and put it around on the lettuce after we just added the tomatoes and the corn. Next, we're going to add the cheese. We're almost done. This is cheddar but you can use any kind that you want. "Oh, I like the orange." You can shred it yourself or you can buy it in the bag. Now, this is my favorite part. "Okay." Two more steps, are you ready? "I'm ready." Oh, my favorite things. "Okay." Chips. I love chips. "Oh, I love it too." And make sure your corn chips, tortilla chips have no hydrogenated fat, look on the bag, okay. "Okay." Take a few, not too many, "Okay." I always have a hard time, "With my hands", not getting, aha, "Okay", and crush them on the top. Yeah, "Oh, that's so beautiful", look at that; "I mean that's if you have any", Okay, perfect. "You have something else?" Okay, one last thing; the next ingredient is ranch dressing. You can buy it in the store or make your own. It's easy enough. "Okay, and how do you make your own?" You use light mayonnaise, plain yogurt and some seasonings. "Oh, that's easy." Okay. And I like drizzling, 'cause I don't like too much dressing and I like the artistic quality of this salad. "It's beautiful." Before we eat it, I want to tell you one more thing, "Okay", that you can do with this taco salad. This taco salad is great to pack for lunch. You can use a divided plastic container or like I did, you can use just a plain container with a lid. You can use muffin cups to separate or small little cups to separate. So, here is the bean salsa mixture, the lettuce, the corn, the tomatoes, the chips; a healthy lunch that is delicious and fun to eat. Are you ready to taste? "I am Ms. Barb." Okay, great. "That is delicious!" "Very, very good." So, that's how you make an easy taco salad from my friend Pancho Nero. Have a Taco Tuesday; it's healthy and delicious. This is Barbara Kirshner. You can find more of my recipes on, or Doggity's on PBS Sprout and NBC Kids.


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